How Using Facial Oils Transformed My Face

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

After a long stretch of oily, spotty, blemished and sensitive skin, stretching from the ages of 13-20 I have finally regained a sense of balance and harmony with my skin. It's worth noting this is partly due to correcting a hormonal imbalance. However, I also firmly believe the result of skin oils have equally prompted this vast improvement.

I first became interested in skin oils as an alternative to chemical moisturising and cleansing products. As someone who has always preferred natural skincare, oils proved the perfect solution to the overly perfumed, chemical products often oversold on the shelves. When you've had bad skin, you'll of found yourself hopelessly following skin advice in blind hope it will be the 'miracle cure’ which it almost never is.

I first used facial oil as a child, I was told by a doctor in New Zealand to rub Rosehip oil into a stitching scar I'd inflicted on my face in the play park. Needless to say it's barely visible now. From then I forgot about oils and fell headfirst into the naive puberty skincare hell. Over abusing exfoliators in hope of riding my skin of spots, making my skin sensitive and the veins prominent in the process. About a year ago I read an article, well before the positive oil view had gathered any haste, it said that oils shouldn't be stripped off of acne prone skin and should instead be added back to it. This somewhat tricks the skin into believing it's hydrated and prevents excess oil production in response. I'd always been taught getting oil on my face was skin suicide, clogging pores and causing more spots. In fact the opposite came to be true.

The thing about facial oils, like all skin care, it that you have to find the combination that works best for you. From Rosehip oil (known for its anti-aging and healing properties) I progressed to Sweet Almond oil, which I personally found a little too heavy for my skin. Next I tried Nuxe's famous oil of elixir, a mixture of oils that once applied, dries into the skin with no oily residue. I wanted an alternative to this product due to its heavy scent and price tag.

Enter, the miracle product. Jojoba oil. I was travelling Australia last summer when I first found this oil. I googled its properties immediately to see if it was worth the hype and I truly believe it is. Jojoba oil has a rare quality which allows the skin, when moist, to believe the oil is its own sebum and therefore absorbs it much deeper into the pores than any moisturiser can achieve. Apply after washing your face and it will take the extra water moisture with it. Locking in hydration, known as an humectant ingredient. For acne prone skin, this means it seals the skin and prevents bacteria from entering the pores. It is also; antibacterial and antifungal, contains high levels of antioxidant vitamin E, hypoallergenic, promotes collagen production, stimulates healing, promotes plump skin and can help to reduce effects of aging.

The miracle product I'd spent 7 years searching for finally arrived… soothing my scars, reducing my acne, hydrating my skin and protecting it from free radicals in our polluted world. I still like to mix and match my oils, trying new combinations. The winning part of Jojoba for me was that once absorbed into the skin it didn't make my face look oily. Just healthy. Next I'm keen to try CBD and Hemp oils, I am well and truly converted and rarely use cream moisturisers now. I think my skin speaks for itself, it's clear, it's healing and the effect it has on my confidence is overwhelming. Trying facial oils may just be the best thing you can do for your skin.

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