My Advice for Creating a Skincare Routine around Sensitive Skin

I have always, since the dawn of time, suffered from very sensitive and very oily skin. It has been a pain for as long as I can remember, and only through experimentation with trial and error have I been able to find some products that work for my face and do not irritate or harm my skin over time.

Firstly, due to my skin being sensitive, I steer away from using products that have a lot of chemicals in them and lean more towards natural products. The reason being is that they are far less invasive than others on the market, and I tend to prefer the smell, feeling, and impact that natural, organic products have on my face and skin.

In the mornings, I wake up and wash my face with normal water, to firstly wake me up as I am not a morning person. I then fill the basin with warm water, and lather face with a bar of soap named ‘Drop of Hope’ from Lush Cosmetics. The bar has Japanese rapeseed oil inside it and helps soften the skin and add moisture. It also acts as an emollient, which is one of the main reasons I use it as I suffer from eczema so it really soothes the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and soft. During the winter that would be my routine done until the evening, but during the summer months, I like to wash my face at around lunchtime, if it's very hot, and I like to use the Skin Mists from Lush. Lavender is my personal favourite, as again it soothes the skin, and keeps it feeling radiant all day, as during the summer especially if I have been in the sun a lot, I want to protect it and rejuvenate it throughout the day. At the end of a busy day, I come home and I wipe my face with natural face-wipes. I do not have a specific brand I use but they are found in a lot of places, Boots, Online e.t.c. I then fill the basin again with warm water and wet my face. I then use the Herbalism face scrub from Lush, and lather that on my face. I love this one the most because it really helps with the oil levels on my skin, as I tend to become very oily sometimes so it is really good at regulating that. It also acts as a natural exfoliator, so as well as soaking in all the excess oils, it is removing blackheads and clearing the pores. I then wash it off with the warm water and then use a Nivea nighttime moisturiser afterwards, and that's it! Sometimes I use the Lush Sleep mask, but I find it is a little too lavender (I know, it even shocks me that there can be a limit!), but it is a lovely mask to use in small doses.

All in all, for me it is all about natural products, even if you don’t have sensitive skin. They are all in all better for the health of your skin, they do no damage the environment, and most importantly kind to all parts of the process, from the production to testing, to eventually be used in mine and many others skin routines!

Love your skin, as if you do your best to look after it now, it will reward you and look after you later in life!


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