My Morning Skincare Routine Using The Unify Beauty Oil

Pampering my face using my go-to skincare products have been my form of self-love and self-care, especially on the weekends! I have always found joy in trying different skincare products and one product that I fell in love with was Velvet Skin Inc.’s Unify Beauty Oil for combination skin types. Since using this oil, I have not looked back since. This product has saved my skin in many ways, one of them was seeing a huge difference in the texture of my skin. It added just the perfect amount of moisture and made my make-up look even better.

Here is how I achieve a flawless base for my makeup look using The Unify Beauty Oil as part of my skincare routine:

The first thing I use is The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Facial Wash whilst splashing warm water onto my face. Using this product has helped minimize my blemishes and pores - it’s a life changer! Once I have patted my face dry, I then use my Ole Henriksen Facial Balancing Force Oil Control Toner. I use a cotton pad and apply it onto my face in soft circular motions, this has helped maintain and control the oil, it also gets rid of all the leftover dirt to ensure full cleanliness.

We are now coming to my favourite part of my routine, The Unify Beauty Oil! I apply it directly onto my skin using a generous amount and patting it everywhere to make sure it is spread out evenly. At this point, my skin is already glowing! I’m all for it especially during this pandemic, this oil makes me feel like I’m chilling in a five-star hotel. The Unify Beauty Oil gives me that luxurious experience.

To finish off my skincare routine, I apply my La Roche-Posay SPF cream (p.s even when it is not sunny outside I strongly encourage you to still wear SPF as it protects your skin) and then my last step is applying my Origins Ginseng Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturiser for that extra moisture.

Voila! This is the perfect base for a flawless makeup look.

Overall, I think the Unify Beauty Oil is a must in your morning routine that should never be missed. It is guaranteed that it gives you the perfect amount of glow and moisture throughout the whole day. It is a product I highly recommend everyone to try out and you will not be disappointed!

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