Natural Skincare is Trending!

Skincare is becoming a trending topic everyone seems to be dipping their toes into. Over the consecutive years we have seen great expansion in skincare and distinctive approaches to achieve beautiful, glowing, and clear skin. With an area that is becoming quite vast, there is an idea I have fallen in love with, and so has my sensitive skin. Natural Skincare Products have truly opened my mind up to new imaginations while soothing my sensitive skin.

Natural Skincare has become widely used throughout the World. It’s a creative way to get the results you desire with no use of harsh chemically based products. Before I discovered brands such as Lush cosmetics, Love Organics, and many others, I firmly believed any products that was chemically processed would solve all my skin’s problems. It did not. In fact, my skin was super sensitive to all of it. It would cause irritation, redness, and even itchiness from time to time. After feeling defeated and not achieving the appealing skin I wanted, I began to research. I came across an article explaining the difference between A chemical-based face

mask, and a naturally compounded one. I decided to become the guinea pig of my own experiment. After only a few days of using a naturally compounded face mask, which in this case was Mask of Magnaminty (By, Lush Co.) I saw tremendous results. My skin never got irritated, it was glowing, and it felt healthy. I was no longer feeling burning and itchiness like I did with the other products I used.

My experience with the change of my skincare products really encouraged me to look at skincare in a spontaneous way. There are countless natural ingredients in the beautiful world we live in. Imagine the endless ways we can help our skin without having to use any chemically processed products. Since the change I have explored it all. Natural face masks, toners, scrubs, lip scrubs, lip balms, and several other products you wouldn’t think you could find in a natural state. I have many natural products in my bathroom cabinet now, I have created homemade remedies all based naturally for my skin, and I have found it astonishing how my skin has become impeccable throughout the process. I recommend you try a naturally based skincare product and see the difference I have encountered.

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