Why Vegan Beauty Is The Way Forward

Over the last decade there has been a considerable rise in ethical consumerism within beauty and more specifically, in skincare. The concept of vegan beauty means that products will not use or exploit animals in any way during their production and development. Most widely known for its ethical and cruelty-free products is the company Lush, who sell a range of self-care and beauty products. The company prides itself on its vegan ethos and arguably uses it as a unique USP in an increasingly competitive market.

As a nation of animal lovers, the thought of harming animals purely for cosmetic reasons becomes difficult to digest. However, for years, many large companies have kept their product development and testing strategy a secret and therefore many consumers have unknowingly purchased products that have caused considerable harm and suffering to animals. Thanks to brands such as Lush for raising awareness about the issues of animal testing, consumers have become more conscious to their product choices and more recently actively opted to avoid animal tested products. Charities such as PETA and Animal rights activists have also played a huge part in exposing the ugly world of animal testing and campaigned for companies to produce cruelty-free (vegan) products. Transparency within the beauty industry is so vital as more and more people are starting to care about what exactly they are putting onto their skin. Vegan skincare tends to use more natural, skin loving ingredients through its formulations making it most importantly, wonderful for skin, not applicable for animal testing and perfect for people with problematic skin. In addition to this, these products tend to come at a more attainable price due to a less complex method of development.

As veganism continues to rise across the western world, the consciousness of consumers is likely to follow and therefore, there is going to be an increasing demand for cruelty-free beauty products. It’s important that as consumers we recognise how our choices impact others and adapt to live as ethically as possible. Therefore, I think it’s time we leave animal testing in the past and embrace vegan beauty for good.

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